The power of exploration

The work that I do results from the discussion with the sponsor and the ones involved in the client system and is tailor-made. In our initial conversation we investigate together what you might need, what I might be able to contribute and what we might achieve.

From a socioanalytic stance I work with the conscious and the unconscious influences on the organisation. Together wíth my clients  I explore these and the underlying motives of the complex organisational issues for which simple ‘how-to’-solutions are inadequate. These kind of solutions have usually been tried already.

Precisely asking questions, suspending easy judgements or quick conclusions is the strenght of my exploration. Herewith I include the emotional dimension surfacing deeper motives and hidden information, discovering resistances to and creating support for change. I create and contain a reflective space for thinking. Different perspectives help to create a multiple view on boundaries, roles, tasks and leadership.

For the exploration I design workable methods in which individuals and groups in organisations are able to participate in the exploration and start understanding what unconsciously contributes to their functioning.  Support for change emerges as a result of this participation. Next I support them in finding tangible ways of becoming more effective in their roles, tasks and collaboration.

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