Teams do not alway function at their best. Despite the best intentions of the team members there are periods in which the team as a whole performs poorly. Reinforcing the commitments they entered into does not improve its output or last long. Meetings are badly prepared, do not run smoothly and often end in frustration. The output of the team is below what is expected. There is friction between teams or departments and misunderstanding occurs frequently. Sometimes a team is seen as the weak link in the organisation.

  • Why do we perform below our capacity?
  • What is going on below the surface?
  • What unconscious group processes are at work in our team?
  • Why doesn’t our team manager lead / why doesn’t my team follow my lead?
  • Why don’t we stick to what we commit to?
  • What is the source of these strong emotions in our team?

Team support can improve the performance of your team and the quality of collaboration. Because of  my experience in the psychology of teams, in the unconscious aspects of leadership and followership and in team development, both conscious and hidden obstacles can be addressed and disappear.

Team assessment can be a part of team support. The team’s development stage is assessed and informs what kind of behaviour is required from the team members and their manager in order to improve the team’s performance.

Team support is always tailor-made, in which learning about the team’s functioning ánd its primary task are combined. An example of such a combination is the Management Business Learning Programme.

Many teams benefit from collegial consultation in which a group reflects on work related cases. The ‘extra vision’ provided by the team members can directly be applied in daily work between sessions of the programme.

International operating teams more and more request virtual team support. Globalisation and technological developments have dispersed teams of which the members need to operate remotely and often isolated from their colleagues. Virtual support diminishes the negative effects on teams that need to collaborate while being separated.

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