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  • Our team members are located all over the world; how can we communicate effectively?
  • I would like coaching, but I am far away from a qualified executive coach.
  • We have organised our meetings online, but they are far too much one-way-traffic.

Globalisation and technological developments allow us to communicate while physical distance is large. Internationally operating teams often have its members working remotely on their tasks in different parts of the world. Virtual collaboration increases strongly in order to be more efficient by saving time and costs. Virtual meetings, trainings and individual coaching take place in many forms, but are they always effective?

Pim Stafleu ORGANISATION SUPPORT facilitates online meetings and learning programs for management teams as well as role coaching for executive managers.

Fysical absence requires extra attention for virtual closeness and commitment. Team members are online, but in different time-zones, cultures  and circumstances. Precisely because visual signals are lacking a good technical and process support are conditions for good interaction between participants.

If you want to know more about the possibilities and benefits of virtual support for your organisation, please go to the contact page.


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