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The Management Business Learning Programme combines the daily work of a management team and learning about its collaboration. The team or its manager sets a business target that must be achieved while the programme takes place. An example of such a target is determining the targets for next year per department. The members of the management team prepare the meeting’s content the way they normally do.

Whilst the MBLP working on the pre-set target (business) and learning about co-operation alternate according to a fixed schedule. At the business parts the task is to reach the goal as set. The consultant is present at these meetings to observe the collaboration as it happens, to give feedback with restraint and to search for hypothesis about the collaboration.

At the parts where learning is central the task is to reflect on the collaboration during the previous business part. The hypotheses are formulated and explored. The more hidden and underlying influences that hinder the team in its collaboration emerge. The consultant can also address content in these learning parts, for example on tasks, roles, boundaries or leadership-followership.

In the work space design the combination of business and learning is mirrored. There is a meeting setup (laptops, beamer etc.) but also a circle setup with only chairs. Both spaces have their own management. In the business/meeting space the manager of the team in in charge. In the learning/circle space the consultant is in charge.

The Management Business Learning Programme supports management team members  to:

  • directly try out newly discovered insights and ideas
  • directly apply their learning about collaboration (short learning cycle)
  • achieve business targets at the programme
  • understand how underlying dynamics influence their daily collaboration there above

Do you want to know more about the possibilities and benefits of the MBLP, please go to the contact page.


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