In one’s work situations may occur for which individual support can be helpful to explore and clarify the questions and dilemma’s of the situation at hand. My coaching focusses on understanding and changing work roles. On how these roles shape themselves as an exchange of individual desires and needs on the one hand and of expectations of the organisation in context on the other.

  • What does my new management function actually means? What is being expected from me?
  • How can I lead better in this situation?
  • How should I portray myself in the management team?
  • What is really happening in my team? I can’t get any grip.
  • I wish I had a sounding board to freely discuss my dilemma…

Role coaching is meant for CEO’s, line managers, project leaders and other staff. Role biography and role analysis often make part of the coaching. Both conscious and unconscious influences¬†on the work role are explored. On average role coaching takes a series of eight meetings. Where possible the coaching takes place at the workplace.

Globalisation and technological developments support management teams that are dispersed over the world. Members of those teams often need to take important business decisions while they are remote and isolated from their colleagues. Virtual support for managers can diminish the negative effects of the physical distance between them and their colleagues.

If you want to know more about the possibilities and benefits of individual support, please go to the contact page.


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