Organisations and the context in which they operate change continuously. These changes are mostly complex and occur in a high pace which results in both planned and unplanned effects. The existing work culture is often unable to keep up with the necessity and speed of the changes. Staff keep behaving more or less in the same way despite the changed strategy.

  • Why do we act in the same way, although our task / assignment / environment has changed?
  • There is tension in our organisation that I don’t understand well…
  • Why is there no confidence in management?
  • Whatever we do, the need for change does not seem to penetrate…

Understanding organisational problems requires exploration in which both rational and emotional influences are involved. Exploration in and with (parts of the) organisation results in awareness of both the underlying organisational dynamics and tangible obstacles. The report on this offers new insights in background than the known explanations so far and to new ideas for development.

For organisational exploration several tangible and participative methods are used, like organizational observation, study of relevant documentation, (group) interviews and group exploration.

Pim Stafleu ORGANISATION SUPPORT has obtained much experience in and expertise on work culture analysis and change.

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