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A work role shapes itself on the one hand by how a person fills it and on the other by the organisation’s expectation. Unconscious influences contribute to the process of role shaping. Role coaching focusses on understanding and changing work roles.

In the coaching I offer a contained opportunity for reflection.  My attitude is accepting and together with you I explore the management dilemma’s,  its tensions and challenges that you have to deal with in your role. Attention to psychological aspects and the more unconscious motives of your behaviour, how others co-shape your role and your role context is included in my approach.

Role coaching is meant for CEO’s, managers, project leaders and other staff. On average it concerns a series of six to eight conversations from an hour and a half up to two hours. In principle they take place at the workplace.

For those that work in remote places virtual role coaching is available through a number of platforms.

As a clinical psychologist and consultant I have over 25 years of experience in coaching people in their work roles.

If you want to know more about the potential and benefits of role coaching, please go to the contact page.



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