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In ‘extra vision’ the participants reflect in a group on their work experiences. The methode: ‘Experience Based Reflection’ (EBR) is a form of Action Learning. It is a working method in which learning is directly linked to application.

Learning from actions and experiences requires reflection. An EBR session always focusses on one issue (experience, question or problem) that is brought forward by one of the participants. The group reflects together on the issue in a methodological way.

EBR is not about discussing themes, but about real, current or recently happened work experiences (experience based). EBR starts with asking questions and interpreting the brought forward experiences. The ‘R’ of EBR represents ‘reflection’ where multiple points of view on the situation are added to one’s own; as an extra vision. EBR values the discovery of new points of view rather than finding solutions or giving advise.

Pim Stafleu ORGANISATION SUPPORT supports the EBR sessions and looks after an exploratory and accepting learning environment. At the end of each session the group reflects on the process of EBR as it happened (double loop learning).

The group exists out of six to eight participants and is sufficiently diverse to optimise multiple perspectives to come into view. An extra vision programme consists of a number of beforehand agreed sessions.

Extra vision applied in organisations contributes to:

  • an improvement of functioning of staff
  • a learning organisation
  • an increase of direct, work related feedback

If you want to know more about the possibilities and benefits of extra vision for your organisation, please go to the contact page.


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