As an organisational consultant and clinical psychologist I got over 25 years of experience in supporting individuals, groups and organisations. I work as a process consultant in various businesses (transport & logistics, industry, health care, retail , government, non-profit).

Working with the psychological influences on organisational behaviour lies at the heart of my expertise and experience as a consultant. As a result, my consultancy goes beyond what is seen as ordinary and self-evident.

My education, training and intense work experience are all driven by the belief that people (in organisations) can improve themselves and that awareness of the more profound causes of hinderance of such improvement helps them to do so.

My work is based on experiential learning, socioanalysis and system thinking. I am affiliated with Group Relations and a member of OPUS (an organisation for promoting understanding of society).

As a Netherlands senior expert I am connected to PUM (a non-profit organization that connects entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets, that have no acces to payed consultancy services, with senior Netherlands experts).

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